SHOXC women's fight = Female Sakuraba? WTF

I can't remember what her name was from last night (story of my life), but WTF was that about? Female Japanese fighter came in there wearing some kind of 2 piece 1950's bathing suit into the cage with multi-colors and Super Mario clouds on it. She was dancing like a Harvard graduate who drank their first drink ever.

She got owned with a sweet neck crank and suplex after all that showmanship. Quadros labeled her as the female Sakuraba, LOL.

Sak and Sudo and some others have pulled off some great entrances, but watching her was just embarrassing.

Who else saw?

That was Keiko Tamai aka TamaChan.

Quardros or Mauro compared her to Sakuraba, but they also compared Kimbo Slice to Tiger Woods and Madonna, so nobody should take them seriously.

most entertaining fight of the night, Shayna was awesome

Yeah, Shayna was awesome. I can't wait to watch her fight again.

LOL Scotty, I guess I'm just too old school and got pissed off when they compared her to Sak.

 Tama Chan fought on one of the Bodog Costa Rica cards too...she had one of the best fights on there too.

lol at kimbo and tiger!

Wasa-B - lol at kimbo and tiger!

It's a good comparison imo.

One is without question the best golfer alive (some say ever) and has been at the top of his sport for years.

The other fought some street fights on youtube then beat up some antique cans in MMA.

They're practically the same person!

Tama Chan is an awesome person!

I was there and that fight was definately the fight of the night IMO, also TTT for Giva and Bao and the rest of Team Oyama (No Limits!!!!!)