Shoyoroll Blackstars FS

I'm not trying to use the forums as add space, but did want to let people know I was selling a couple of Shoyoroll Blackstars because I know some folks here are hunting for them. Right now I'm selling an A3s (slim) that was washed and dried once but not worn at all.

After that one closes I'll list an A2 BNIB.


What is BNIB, may I ask? I may be interested in your A2.

Nevermind. "Brand new in box". Urban dictionary is the shit. Obviously, still interested.


Heres the A3


Archangel - A2? 

Heres the A3

Read the original post carefully.

How much did it shrink?

pm me the sale price, I'm not able to login for some reason.

^ A3s not A3

It didn't shrink much. I'm 6' 170 and the top is still a tad too long for me. Depends how you like things to fit, but I think their sizing was pretty accurate.

Also if it helps I have the superlight in my rotation and I wash and dry it on hot every workout and it hasn't shrank since the first wash. I think they're pretty much pre shrank.

No overseas shipping option ?

Increase your bids! ...including from me !

Seriously, not that hard to ship a gi.

Yeah I'll change it so it includes international shipping.

FWIW, they do shrink a little. I have an A4 and it shrunk about 3/4" in the sleeves.I wish it had shrunk a little more frankly.

Great gi, though!

wish it was the white one =(

Thirteen - Yeah I'll change it so it includes international shipping.

Thank ya, my bid is in ! :)

I am 6'2'' 180lbs. I have had about every brand out there, but the A3S is by far the best fit. If you are on the tall skinny side you should definitely pick one up.