Shoyoroll x Budo Japan relief LE T-shirt

With so many friends and family living and working in a part of the world recently devastated by horrible tragedy, we at Budovideos have decided to partner with Shoyoroll brand kimonos to create this limited edition t-shirt in support the people of Japan.

100% of the profits generated from the sales of this unique garment will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross, contributing to relief efforts there; the birthplace of jiu-jitsu.

Please help us in showing support and encouragement to the wonderful people of Japan who have given us the gift of their art. The time to give something back is now.

The text roughly translates to:

Good luck Japan and The Birthplace of Jiu jitsu

Designed by well known urban street designer, Charles Leddy.

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Awesome man.

Looks pretty cool, hopefully this can get some sticky time after the Q&A and Dana's announcement. You guys done a good thing I give you props. TTT

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awesome shirt, awesome cause. subbed for upcoming purchase

That shirt is both amazing in design and for a worthy cause. Sub'd for impending purchase Phone Post

damn, that is a NICE looking shirt. if you can say, what's the profit margin per that is going to the red cross?


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