Shrimp poboys & stuffed portabellos

Can a blue do me a kindness? I stuffed up these bad boys with diced up cooked bacon, beef sausage, tomato, green peppers & onion. Threw on a few slices of pepper jack on top. Tasty app:

Next, I rolled up some bacon onto some tiger shrimp & grilled em up. Pecan smoked:

Buttered up the pan & toasted some sourdough & melted the leftover pepperjack. Added sriracha tartar sauce(pickles & some pickle juice, lemon squeeze, mustard, season all, a little ketchup & sriracha). Throw on some romaine for crunch.


Made some angus ribeyes & caesar salad but no photo op presented itself due to my cannibalistic fam.

Sofa King Cool - What do you do to those mushrooms prior to stuffing them? Just stem them? How long do you cook them? Phone Post 3.0

Got em from Walmart, sealed & looked fresh as hell so I just stemmed & stuffed. Its good with most cheeses as well I just like the way a white cheese looks like munster/mozarrella/jack.

I grilled the sausage a little but didn't need to do that due to them being pre cooked, just wanted some extra smokeyness. I put them on direct heat for a few minutes then set them aside & dropped the lid to smoke & cook thoroughly. Very easy and the flavor is amazing with a good steak.

Mutant - 

Damn looks awesome NiteProwleR I want some. 

Much obliged for the compliments & postings.

Also gonna need mayo for the tartar sauce, duh.