Shroom Tech Sport???

Anyone tried this yet? I got some comin already just wondering if anyone tried it and if it made a noticable difference?

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The main ingredient that ShroomTech pushes is the Cordycep Sinensis mushroom. I've read a few articles that seems to back up the health benefits. Although the articles didn't mention too much about any benefits geared towards workouts. Not to say there aren't any, just that the articles I read didn't touch on that aspect.

ShroomTech is a little over my budget for the quantity it comes with. So I bought Corycep supplement from another company 90ct for $17. It doesnt have all the other ingredients ShroomTech has, but I'll be stacking it with my multivitamins hoping to get similar, if not better, results. Phone Post

Yeah its like 25 bucks..ill try it as prescribed for one month..try to see if I feel a difference in my recovery time... Thanks for the input

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Shrooms you say?