Shunned at TMA school

I took my daughter to check out a japanese jiu jitsu school where I live and found out they have a guy fighting in the up coming IFC. I asked if he maybe needed any help with his training and basically told them he could beat on someone with a little experience. They asked me what my background was an I said bjj and boxing. They said they had the jiujitsu taken care of because that is what they are and a dan zan ryu (don't know about the spelling on that) was working with him too. So I wasn't needed. BTW, my school where I train is an hour away.

Huh, that was nice of you to offer to help.

Maybe you should have just said, "BJJ and Boxing," and left it at that. No need to go poking your nose where you are not wanted. Especially if there is a dude being trained by HIS team; not some random new guy who came off the street.

dokkalfar is cant go into another school with a person training to fight, and expect them to let you train with him. For all they know, you could have NO control and really hurt the fighter.

One of his trainers also told me he used to run with Dan Freeman (shamrocks strength coach). They were super nice guys though and seemed really good with the kids so I'll still probably take my daughter there.

I'm not saying that they should have let me help. I just think it is funny that they "have the jiujitsu covered". The guy is from my home town I was just hoping to see him win.

dunc are you still training up in Oakdale?

They're counting on danzan ryu? I did Danzan ryu, it was fun, nice place to meet girls. Wouldn't want to have to rely on it.

Danzan ryu = aikido for guys who don't want to wear ponytails and skirts.

I've been gone from Oakdale for awhile but went back a month ago then left to help a guy that is training to fight in the IFC (not this guy) but am going back next month. Both of the toms are brown belts now.