Shunned from daycare

I wrote a thread about what happened at daycare yesterday.

look it up if you like, someone with the name pooper did a spin on it.

so my worst nightmare happened, I show up to pick up my buddy and he's being held in their living room. I lost all trust in being able to go down stairs and pick him up. felt amish sleeping the English people.

seriously one gorilla jump and causing 5 kids to scream should not cause such treatment.

now I come home to wife asking questions like when did he eat last, when was his last nap, when was the last poo poo, on and on. I speak broken French unless drunk, so I made up all the answers.

conkey - Tell us again too lazy to search Phone Post 3.0

long story, I turn the corner and see my little buddy looking and smiling at me so because I have the same basement with the same foam mats I gorilla jump over the kid proof gate (I don't know how to open it) he giggles and hugs me while 5 other kids scream, daycare girl asks in not such a nice way if I would return upstairs.

so now it appears I'm no longer allowed downstairs.