"SHUT UP DEE JAY!" Chant @ K-1

lol proud to say I was a part of it (during the Royce/Sakuraba fight).... Could you guys watching on PPV hear it?

I was chanting too he shut up after that lol

Hey RuleDogg...Since you were there...In your HONEST opinion, roughly how many people would say attended?

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Yeah he did shut up, after saying something about being the him being the 12th man lol!

Hollywood B he kept yelling all sorts of cheesy shit to 'pump up' the crowd, like "Come on L.A., let's make some N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-I-I-I-IISSSSSE!!!!!" Basically sounded like a bad Doug E. Fresh impersonation

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EM that's a hard call... I'd never been to the Coliseum so I'm not wise to how it fills. I am working on getting a few pics I took off my camera, but still they're really not the answer.

i'd like to say it was my brother who was the one who started that
''SHUT UP D.J.!!'' chant. that DJ was aggravating us from the start and
as the night went on and all the koreans were doing the little cheer
with those spirit sticks during the Melvin Manhoef vs. Yoon Dong Sik
fight he joked he was gonna start that chant. then during sakuraba
fight he just stated saying it, we startes to chant it with him, and next
thing everyone was chanting! the coolest/funniest thing was when we
could hear the other side of the coliseum chanting too. dj happa was
alot less talkative after that.

Haha that's awesome Sisco. Were you sitting on the south side of the stadium (opposite the side with the big screen in it), towards the end with the DJ? That's where I first heard it come from.... I remember it starting just like you said it, after about five or six chants almost everyone English-speaking was on board

So if they had been smart and got themselves a regular sized venue, they may have had a sellout show then. huh.

I was there and I'm having a hard time convincing myself that there was over 10k in the seats.

That DJ was god awful... sounded like a cheesy strip club announcer. I felt like throwing a tomahawk at him at about the 100th time he repeated, "Make some noise if you want to see some fights!!" dude stfu.

It was hilarious. I had just been saying that this DJ is a fucken knob and he should just shut the fuck up, and next thing you know a chant started, "Fuck the dee-jay! Fuck the dee-jay!"

First off, if he was encouraging people to boo during the Royce- Sakuraba fight, he should have been run out of the building on a fucking rail. I don't care how entertaining the fight was, Royce and Sakuraba are legends in this sport who deserve far better than having some DJ Jazzy Jeff wannabe, jock sniffing DJ trying to encourage people to boo.

Secondly, the DJ added exactly what to the show? Seriously, if I wanted to have a DJ try and hype things up, I'd go to a dance club, not a fight.

"strip club announcer"


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^^Was the dude behind him taking a toke off a doobie?

With how big the place was, and the way people were seated...it's pretty
impossible to guess on the attendance figures. We'll find out next week.


"dave is wrong...more than 10,000-20,000 it was filled to around 30% of capacity i would say"

I'm staring at it on TV and it is not 10% of capacity.

hey we were sitting around the 23/24 entrance.