Sia is better than Beyonce and Adele

I just discovered this bietch.

Hot fire vocal chords.

Shining light in music. Mainstream or underground.


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I like I like her music a lot but I still think pure vocals Adele has her beat.


beyonce is the weakest out of the bunch imo 



Sia has more range in the music she can create. Incredible singer. Adele has the deep, driving soulful ballads locked down however. I don't think she's written an upbeat song ever. Beyonce is a pretty talented singer but so are half the people on The Voice. She's more of a pop creation with nowhere near the level of creativity or musicianship of the other two.

Also Beyonce is the most annoying, by far. Feel bad for jay-z for having to deal with a diva like that every day.

Help, I have done it again

Sia has been my girl for a while, but I don't know if you can say she has better vocals than Adele.  Became a huge fan when she sang elastic heart on the Voice.  The vocals blew me away.  

Godamn right Sia is better!! Zola Jesus is as as well!!!

Fucking love Sia, she is amazing. Her live performances are epic. That said, Adelle has a good voice too but I don't care for her songs, and the newest Beyonce album is fucking fire. I was shocked when I listened to Lemonade for the first time, it's a great album, and I am not really a fan of Beyonce. I wish Sia would have won something or performed at least.

I don't know if there's any pop star I'd consider more talented than Sia right now.

Beyonce is so overrated. There is no doubt sia is better






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Been a Sia fan for a while, not a big fan of the Sean Paul song, though.  Chandalier and Elastic Heart are good shit, though.

Adele obv has a great voice, but ive heard many vocal coaches say hey style of bellowing is very harsh and her voice will go if she keeps that up for a long time.


I think the dance choreographer for sia choreographed the dances in the OA