Sick gauntlet from The Last Knight exhibit

Man that's fucking cool. I'm not too into history but that armor is insane. I love it. Great post.

Awesome stuff. 

WikiTheWalrus -

Is that a breastplate with wheels on it?

The description says they had shields on them that were launched over the knight's head if the other jouster scored a direct hit. These were for fun and games not war.

My son announced multiple times "that's the penis" when he saw the armor set haha. And then "that's the butt."

Jump Kick - 

I think this explains Nitecrawler's bleeding asshole

Jump Kick -

Holy shit... Were these still wearing The One Ring when you saw them? 


Very cool. 

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Altofsky -

Very cool.

Maybe you can shed some light on how difficult it was at that time to make these amazing looking gauntlets. How many alive then and now could have made them? 



It definitely couldn’t have been easy, but the technique for making them hasn’t changed much over the years. Modern tools could make a few things easier, but the majority of the work wouldn’t be made any easier.

Back in those days, you’d likely find a good number of people capable of making them. It was a specialized trade, but one that needed to be done en masse in order to arm large numbers. Even if these in particular were fancy compared to other armor, armorers were in high demand.

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