Sick of UFC Bad Matchmaking

How much longer can we tolerate this horrible matchmaking. Garcia gets
a gift. So called "Superstar" and Dana favorite, Huerta fights a guy half his
size who never fought outside Alaska. The TUF fighters were mostly in
mismatches rather than the most competitive fights possible. Do they
think they are fooling us? Yeah, I'm impressed with Huerta. impressed
that Huerta got dominated in rd.1.

Would Armando Garcia have approved these match-ups tonight? Would
have been interesting to see how he handled some of these with the UFC

and im sure you thought strikeforce last night had very competitive match ups

Telfo, not really. But I think they were more competitive on paper. Bodog
does a great job matchmaking and so do several other small promotions.

Huerta must fight the winner of Edgar v Bocek and garcia should fight the