Sick to my stomach

first the Yankees blow a 3-0 games lead to the Redsox and then the Redsux win the fucking world series, then with my oklahoma state cowboys up 35-7 over Texas, the whornes come back and score 49 fucking unanswered points. That is absolutely unacceptable. We showed NO fucking heart and totally collapsed, I could deal with losing to a powerhouse like Texass but not blowing a fucking 28 point lead. Bill Clay the defensive coordinator is a piece of shit, and Im not just saying that from this game. Our defense is the reason why we cant get over the hump. If you score 35 on OU and 35 on Texas in back to back weeks and lose both games there is a big fucking problem on the defensive coaching staff. They have no idea how to MAKE MID-GAME ADJUSTMENTS. Id love to see them hire Ron Zook as the D-Coordinator for next year. Oh and the Jets lost to the lowly bills to rub salt into the wound, talk about a shitty weekend.