Sid Haig Moved to ICU

Altofsky -

Sucks. He was the only good thing about Rob Zombie films.

Bullshit, Otis would make you his bitch.

Get better Sid Haig.

Tutti fucking rutti 


damn RIP


His devils rejects character creeped me the fuck out

He has lived in my town since I was a kid. When I was in Jr High we talked to him at a thrifty store. we were wearing our football uniforms because we had just finished practice. He bought us all ice cream at the counter. We would see him often and he would ask how football was going and even showed up to watch some of our home games over the years as we played at a neighborhood field.

Im now 53 and over the years up until just a couple years ago would see him and talk to him about those days and how "time flies" etc. Great human.

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