Sidney Crosby

The Chris Horodecki Of Hockey???


CANARIO MUST SUFFER!............Congrats chris!

Way to put the focus on me and away from the Polish Hammer





Chris Horodecki being called "The Sidney Crosby of MMA" is a joke. With this nickname they are saying he is the second best young fighter in the sport today. If Horodecki is the best then he should be called "The Alekander Ovechkin of MMA"

RKing85 is an angry man.

Indeed he is

I am serously boycotting TKO until that nickname gets changed to what it should be, unless they do want to promote Horodecki as the second best up and coming fighter.

And if you think I'm angry now, watch and see me if they give rookie of the year to Crosby. I'd probably be able to kick Liddell's ass I would be so fired up.


except Ovechkin isn't Canadian, Rking. I think that's part of the analogy :P

LOL Rking, i knew you would be here!

regardless of Chris being called the "Sidney Crosby" of mma I know Chris is a great fighter!

WeDgE3941 SSSA

Ovechkin has played in Canada and Horodecki fights in Canada. So that's the Canadian connection right there. lol.

Would Rory Macdonald be the Ovechkin of MMA then? :)

No, Sam Stout would be Ovechkin since they are the same age

I suck at this game :)

I don't know any 16 year old hockey players

Since Kyle Wellwood is better than Ovechkin, perhaps the Kyle Wellwood of mma would be the more appropriate?

I know one thing for sure, I will be the Lee Evans of MMA