sign and drive deals question

i'm planning to lease my first car.

it says sign and drive

does that mean zero cash signing or no down payment signing?

it's a FIAT (fix it again tony) 500e

199.99 a month for 36 years all electric

so i'm thinking it'll cost me 100 a month anyways for cash so this car is only 100 bucks a month. my commute will be under 12K a year.

anything weird or funny about this program that i should know?

Better hope you don't go over your allowed miles per year. Also check to see if the lease mileage allowed is yearly or full term mileage. Only lease if you know that you'll positively not go over the mileage allowed. Also check to see if maintenance is included. Usually those type of deals are a large sum up front then a low monthly payment plan. Phone Post 3.0

Every lease varies. Most have a lease agreement fee which is a few grand. There is always fine print. The advertised lease price is usually for the most basic model so depending on options price goes up.

Not sure how you got from 199 a month to thinking you are only going to pay 100 though. Never seen a half off deal that's legit.

Advantages to leases are you don't have to pay sales tax since you aren't buying it and you don't have to worry about maintenance.

Disadvantages are you are limited to mileage and get raped for going over. There are usually fees for starting and ending a lease. As with any car lot all prices are negotiable though. Phone Post 3.0

Unless you are self employed, leasing a car is a bad finacial move.

Save up enough for a big down payment, then pay it off as quick as possible ( 3 years is good ) then drive the car for at least another 5 years with no car payments.

Damn, those things are like 35k? Phone Post 3.0

36 year lease, seems kinda long to me. Phone Post 3.0

Iamtheonepercent - 36 year lease, seems kinda long to me. Phone Post 3.0
Good luck not going over your mileage on that lease ! Phone Post 3.0

ok i got the fiat 500e sports package
12K means 33 miles per day
it's for just picking up the kids and going to work (work is close by)
govt gives me back 2500 bucks so first year lease payment is free, i just need to pay for the 2nd and 3rd year. ins went up 73 bucks per month for 100 bucks if there is an accident.

prior to getting this car, i was driving a 4runner which ate up 40-50 bucks a week in gas. so meaning if i paid 200 bucks in gas, and now i use no gas and i pay 200 bucks in lease, this lease i got is a win/win situation. and i return this crap in 3 years then decide what to do about buy another car then.

now this car is all electric so i was thinking the electric will cost a lot compare to gas. well this link told me otherwise, see myth #4. they basically compared a all electric car versus a 28mpg car.

there are also public electric pump for free so i don't use my electric.

240v will take 4 hours, 120v will take 23 hours.
total battery drive miles is 100-80 miles with 90 miles being avg.

other than this i'm think it's a good deal provided i don't go over if i should to go over, i'm working to get my car wrapped in some advertising like Monster drink which they put a wrap to the entire car and it pays 350 per week. or if i choose a strip club like spearmint rhino and they pay 550 per week but then there is a girls face and body all over the car which is not ideal. but i don't think i will go over for what i do otherwise i wouldn't lease.