Sign, Tim Sylvia VS Mark Coleman!!

for the next SuperBrawl!!!

Naw, I already know.........

Coleman will give them the old "If the Money is Right" instead of stepping up and fighting Tim Sylvia. No matter what the pay is, he'll still say the same, because he don't wanna fight Silvia.

you do know coleman just recently stepped up to fight the most feared and currently #1 ranked heavyweight in the world right?

WTF am I talking about?

The "HAMMER-HOUSE" dammit!!!

That's what I am talking about. Tim didn't only talk shit about Wes but he also talked shit about the Hammer House. IMO, Coleman would/should want to STEP UP and fight a fight once for the "team"........

Hell,'s HIS team!!!

no matter how old Mark is, he will destroy Tim.

coleman wins gnp easy

Mark could actually win this fight. He matches up much better against Sylvia than he did against Fedor.

Yeah, I would like to see how well Tim can fight from off of his back because almost anyone will have to fight off their back at some point against Coleman.

I think Mark could beat Sylvia with ground and pound.

Frankie, if this fight was in ROTR or Superbrawl, it would have knees on the ground since they have Pride rules instead of UFC rules. That would favor Coleman a lot more, but it would be interesting just to see how Sylvia would react off of his back.

Colman Took fedor down so easily, not saying it won him the fight or anything, but he took him down like a spear being thrown at someones chest

no doubt coleman takes down anyone he wants. and i havent seen tim fight off his back, and i dont imagine he does it often....

I don't see Tim KOing Mark....I do see Sylvia getting taken down hard.

Coleman would be wise to come back to the UFC because he will NEVER be the Champion in Pride, whereas he could potentially be the Champ in the UFC.

The one-dimensioned Coleman would give any top HW a run for his money, especially against strikers with only fair ground game.

"Coleman would be wise to come back to the UFC because he will NEVER be the Champion in Pride, whereas he could potentially be the Champ in the UFC."

And those belts are just as good as money at the grocery store, I'm sure.

Coleman would beat Sylvia, IMHO.  Coleman's got a great shot and would get Sylvia down easily.  If Sylvia could survive the ground and pound and get to his feet when Coleman was gassed, it would be his only chance. 

"Mark would win this fight rather easiy IMO.. I think Mark could easily be a top 3 figter if he was more active."

I don't think top 3, but i do feel he could be a top guy and it's a shame he doesn't fight more.

never= the firrst grand prix champion jackofffffffffffffffff

I think Coleman's take down is great, and his ground and pound would be too much for Sylvia to handle.
Frank Mir, on the other hand is too good on his back with his bjj skills, and I think he could beat Coleman.

Top 3? You so crazy. The guys been doing the same thing since day one. Theres no way hell beat mino or fedor in a rematch and mir would catch him in an armbar. Let Coleman stick with the prowrestlin