Signed 144 event poster Q

Dont they usually sign the event poster from their country? This poster should be the japanese version?


that sucks

The japanese poster would have been better for this one. The rios were the portugese versions at least.

 I thought the same thing. There was a pic of Joe Lauzon signing this same regular version last night on facebook.

 Is there a confirmed Japanese version of unsigned posters? 

I think there would have to be. Most Japanese cats dont read english do they?


There probably going to do two sets Japanese and USA signed versions. They dont want to piss the U.S. collectors off again like what happened with the Rio posters. Plus they make twice the profit.

US or japanese...don't care, do want.

Damn, that sucks...

I doubt they'll have them sign the two different versions. I wonder how many Japanese version posters they'll be selling?