Signed Mitts from Greg Jaskson Camp for WWP.

Hey all,
Julie Kedzie and Jackson's Martial Arts was Awesome enough to donate a signed (by several) pair of Mitts to be auctioned off for the WOUNDED WARRIOR project. These are a WONDERFUL collectors item.
Pick up a cool collectable and donate to a worthy cause! 100% goes to Wounded Warrior Project!
Thanks to the bidders and to our Warriors!

Maybe I did something wrong, but it says the listing was removed. I'm on an iPhone though, and having trouble selecting the link. Phone Post

Did you hear the story about the guy who left a pair of mitts signed by the Lackzilians under the windshield wipers of his car in the parking lot, and then went to work, hoping that someone would steal them by the time he returned to the lot to drive home?

When he got back to the lot there were two pairs of mitts there!

If I wear these mitts, will they cause me to abandon my wild flurry combos and adopt a more calculated thought-out but ultimately boring-as-fuck fighting style? Phone Post