Significance of UFC on ABC's WWOS= HUGE

Today is a monumental leap forward for the UFC and MMA in America

WWOS is the most watched sports show ever I believe. Its as mainstream as it gets, to be shown for hours on Saturday, on a giant network like ABC

This should be remembered along with UFC 37.5, Ultimate Fighter season 1, UFC on Fox, and the first UFC at MSG.  All are huge strides towards being on the same level as baseball and football. 


But before any of these guys on the show feel too good about themselves for being a part of WWOS, just remember, I was on it several times over the years for X Games. Haha. 



This is bigger than the action figures

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I disagree on one point.  This was nowhere near as big as UFC on Fox, as it lacked:


- Executive intro segment by hosted by Joe Rogan

- Extra-chromosome JDS in flames promo.


It just wasn't nearly as funny.


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Agreed. Huge huge deal.

Will be interesting to see the views they pulled.

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ABC’s UFC debut is top main event since ESPN’s

Last Saturday’s first-ever UFC main event on ABC was the most-watched on any network in nearly two years, averaging 1.22 million viewers. The last main event with a larger audience was ESPN’s first in February 2019 (1.50M). Ratings jumped 95% (to 0.7) and viewership 85% from the previous main event on ESPN2 last month (0.37, 658K).

The previous UFC main event on broadcast television — the final edition of UFC on FOX in December 2018 — averaged a 1.1 rating and 1.83 million, but that aired in primetime and did not face the NFL.