Signs that should have let you know she's fat

Not online dating but i got setup on a blind date by this one girl and they way she described her was "big boobs" "beautiful eyes" should've known better Phone Post 3.0

Luncha - that's so funny when you see that in peoples profiles. Phone Post

fat wrists in above waist pix

wrists don't lie Phone Post 3.0

MisterDerp - Pulling their arm back or placing it against their hips in the infamous angle picture. Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0

Any bitch that posts pics of what they ate for lunch or dinner is most of the time a fat pig Phone Post 3.0

If they claim to have a "cute, curvy body."

The triple chin with grease dripping off of it. Phone Post

PanRoastedJinx - meh, sometimes you have to hump out of the slump. Im cool with fat chicks. They usually bang like its their last night on earth.

This is what we called a "SLUMP BUSTER" when I played baseball. Phone Post

MDF tm - All her pics are her holding the camera at a downward angle from above. Cropped around her face and boobs and her chin in pulled into her chest. Phone Post 3.0

exactly what i was gona type