Sik Wins With Juji 6/07

Very Entertaining Fight.

It was kind of weird to hear the commentary in Korean with English terms like "high kick" and "closed guard" mixed in.

i like how hes ALWAYS looking for the submission.

Sik was a great judoka that due to Jeon never got the chance internationally.

All of his fights except with Sak have been very good. And I think that decision with Takimoto was questionable too. (althugh Tak threw him with uchi-mata for ippon. :).

he had no choice but to always look for the sub. they guy nearly broke his face inside out.

great fight. we were going wild watching it on ppv

Isn't this the same guy that fought Akiyama with the same results?

Basically getting dominated and overpowered only to eventually get subbed?

one of the few times ive seen someone in MMA grab the leg for the turnover.

usually they just dive for the arm and hope for the best.

Paulo Filho is an expert in the "Iatskevich" Turnover, btw he has a heavy judo background.

yeah i remember he did it against Chonan but he actually grabbed the shorts.