Sikh man struck in head with hammer on way to work in NYC

I’m more shocked that this man didn’t take that hammer and show bucket boy how to do the job properly.
That’s honestly the part that makes me wonder about the veracity of his claims.

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Back in the 90’s Julian Fantino, who I believe was a LT at the time (Later the Chief of London/York/Toronto Police and head of the OPP and member of Parliament as well as a Minister of the Prime Minister’s cabinet) held a press conference where he outlined the data.

Because of that press conference a law was passed that withholds race-based crime stats from the public because it would “Create negative racial stereotypes”. It was over 90% and nothing has changed. I am privy to these stats but I cannot/will not share particulars because of the legal ramifications.

These sorts of laws/policies shits all over the victims and future victims. The hilarity of these BLM marches in Toronto and other Canadian cities is not lost on me. But no one gives a shit about victims in this country because there is no real political clout to be gained as it shines a bright light on the protected class committing the bulk of offences.


i sikh what is under her shorts.

Insightful. Thank you for taking the time.


No worries. I just wish the people in charge would actually face these truths and do something about it because it would help everyone in society, including black people.


Another attack in a neighboring city… once again, not a white guy but no mention of race yet there is video again.

Can someone post a couple of the headlines about far right violence and white racist violence against asians that the left wing media outlets were pumping out a couple months ago? It was hilarious.

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Anyone know where my friend @King_Trav was at the time of the attack?

I posted it earlier. The thread has the video. Appreciate you contributing. I’m still learning thread etiquette and posting norms.

I think I’ve found footage of a far right white male extremist training to attack Asians. This must be what the commie media shitheads have been talking about…

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That is gross misuse of a bucket. That poor bucket didn’t do anything but it’s job and it’s getting dragged into this for no reason.

Andrew Jackson cackles maniacally and immediately finds a reason to hate you based on something about your upbringing or heritage…then beats you down with his cane.

Not enough police around. de blasio has them guarding the blm street murals.

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So few of these attacks on Asians are being done by whites that you have journalists reporting non-white attackers as white, lol, clown world.

No, it just confirms what we already know!