silent hill 4; the room

scare any of you? Scared me, espicially the prison, some reason it freaked me out, espicially when you release the prisoners

and the hospital, spooky

the sceneary, the whell chairs,

how about anyone out there

So how does SH4 compare to other horror games out there (SH1-3, Fatal Frame, etc)?

fatal frame didnt really scare me, some parts made you jump,

Silent hill 1-2-3 were definitley scary, i think 1 was the scariest, you didnt know what to excpect, the scenarys were gruesome, the fact that you couldnt see in the dark or fog.

4 is real scary, i dont like ghosts and theyre are alot of ghosts that come out of nowhere through the walls, plus you cant kill them, just beat them down and stun them, so you return to a room and they are back, plus camera angles are setup so sometimes u cant see infront of you,and your walking into an enemy.

IMO silent hill sequel is much more scary than resident evils, resident evil kinda had a friendly effect to it and a little humor (shotgun,magnum, gernade launchers) blowin nuggets off or limbs off, but silent hill your stranded in the dark with noone to help you and your weapons suck

I will be straight up honest with you,I have never completed a Silent Hill game only because I have never had the time to.
What are they about?
What are the causes of the monsters and shit?
Why was that dude on SH4 locked up in his apartment?

Also,I was hoping that the cop would have shot that little bastard Walter in the back.

he is in the famous 302 room, where all that shit happened on the previous games, this is the aniversary of what happened, some murder shit or whatever, and his room is cursed,

he is locked in his room by a force, and strange shit is happening, a portal opens and it is his only way out, so you go through the portal,

only game i finished was sh1, and it scared the fuck out of me, and took along time, i might have finished sh2, i cant remember, i think i did but im drawing a blank, im pretty sure i did,because 2nd time around in a fence on the path to a graveyard in the beginning u find the chainsaw.

sh is freakier than hell ill give them that

Prequals? wtf are those, you have to start from point 1.

I have all the Silent Hills. Part 4 is the scariest! Even when the ghosts first appeared at the subway trains, I got a deer in the headlights sense of fear from it. Great game so far.

thankyou idnaianabrandon, anyone else got the same type of fear?

I want to play that, I got given Project Zero which apparently is quite scary too. Anyone played that? Any thoughts?

I love SH4 but the inventory system pisses me off

Another hospital? Jeez, the level design brains are working overtime at

I guess not..

HALO scares the hell outta me...especially the flood room.

I loved SH2. Creepiest story ever.

I appreciate the series for the surreal, psycho-sexual nature of it. Instead of straight up zombie horror, they go metaphysical and psychological on you.

I think the first Silent Hill was AMAZING. I couldn't even finish 2 & 3 though, very boring with the stupid gay cock rock music video crap.

How does 4 compare to the other 3?

"very boring with the stupid gay cock rock music video crap. "

LMAO @ this

psycho sexual?

I think so. The two sets of female pelvises and legs joined together? There were a couple like that. Creatures that seemed more symboloc than plausible as monsters.

ooh they were so uncreative that one of their levels was the same as the previous levels...but with different colors?

Come one, now.

Here's an RE test for you:

You're in a lab with an operating table askew, instruments strewn everywhere, and some rusty green tanks standing the corner. There's blood on the floor and a smear of it leading under a door.

Which RE game is that from?

Answer, all of them.

How many frickin' rusty labs have you explored in the RE series? How many times must I walk through a boiler room? How many different "this is the room with the elevator platform" locations can there be?!

I'm not saying SH is a non-stop showcase of innovation, but RE is built on recycling locations, too. You can't hold SH to that standard without comparing RE.

I still like both series. I buy them because I do know what to expect.

i like dawn of the dead, you probably like hellraiser

I actually like both, but that's a great analogy. RE is like Dawn of the Dead to SH's Hellraiser. Basic zombie goodness to metaphysical weirdness.

Eternal Darkness kicks the shit out of both of those series. That is all.

(I'm not badmouthing either of the other series though, they're both okay)

"psycho sexual? ooh they were so uncreative that one of their levels was the same as the previous levels...but with different colors??? wow!!!"

Wat's wrong re-using levels... It's done great in some games like, oh, I don't know, Halo.

However... LMMFAO@Resident Evil being at all entertaining let alone scary.