Silent Service for NES

Fuck I loved that game when I was a kid.


Looks complicated.

Do I have to use my brain to play this? I swear to god, OP, if you make me use my brain…

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Yeah OP thos better not be one a those nerdy games with puzzles and shit! Only strategy I need is come out shooting!

Ha, I still play that game regularly on my NES. W.G.S.C. is how I usually roll.

Sid myers made great games. Pirates! was a masterpiece

I can’t believe I watched the entire video


Classic! One of the very first games I ever played. I could never get my torpedoes to hit so i would always have to surface and attempt to finish them off with the deck mounted guns.

Sid Meyers, Colonization (not civilization) might be the greatest strategy game ever created.

Great game. I used to play it on PC or Mac, I forget. I don’t recall playing the NES version.

Wasn’t that a Sega Genesis game?

Was always too dumb for these games