Silva a true BJJ black belt?

now I'm not a true fan of his because I think he gets everything handed to him on a silver platter at this point, but thought he got screwed with the decision.

Now, I have heard here and other places that Silva is a BJJ Black Belt, yet his jitsu looked like shit. Sure his takedowns looked pretty good for a striker (and more importantly worked) but he was fighting a newb to MMA in his second fight. If Silva were a true BJJ black belt he would have been able to submit hunt. To me it looked like he was just holding on the whole time and wasn't looking for submissions or much better positioning as a guy who is at a bb level would have.

In Silva's defense it is hard to submit a big strong guy. CrocCop said after his K-1 fight then Hunt was the most powerful guy he had ever faced. Silva was perhaps using his BJJ skills just to maintain position ...

okay jujitsu folks,nog didnt even come close to subbing fedor, does that mean his jujitsu is weak?

theres many bjj black belts who would do much worse than silva

He is a true BJJ Black Belt and he earned it by training just like everyone.  A credible source by the name of Carlos Gracie Jr explained it to us in person at one of his seminars. 

So I'd say that if Carlos Gracie Jr. says he's a Black Belt and he signed is diploma, then it's true.  

Noguiera is a blackbelt dude. Fedor is an animal.

" And Nogueira is a brown belt in jiu-jitsu the last time I heard."


"now I'm not a true fan of his because I think he gets everything handed to him on a silver platter at this point, but thought he got screwed with the decision."

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There’s a difference. You're talking about Fedor, he knows the game, he’s been fighting MMA, and he has submitted people. Fedor knows the game. You think Hunt knows as much as Fedor? They’re not even close, Hunt’s ground game was crap, if he even has one. Don’t you think a BJJ black belt should not be able to submit a guy with only one other prior MMA fight and practically no submission experience? Purples are supposed to be able to tool on new blues, and blues are supposed to be able to have knowledge of the game and have at least put in a hard year. So I'm gonna call BS on his blackbelt, he might have one, but from what he's shown it doesn't look like he has truely earned it skill wise.

and as far as comparing Hunt to Fedor you can't, thank you for making the dumbest comment possible.

As far as the silver platter comment I was exaggerating a bit, I just feel like pride used to protect him. I'm not trying to take anything away from him, he's obviously damn good, and has to be a hard don't get to where he is without working hard.

I think silvba could have won on the ground early.But he tried those lame stomps which allowed hunt to get up and hurt him.Then by the time it was back down silva was too stunned to do much.I still say he had the edge though.

He was rocked and just trying to get his legs back, Silva is a well
rounded MMA fighter and seems to improve with each outing. He made
a mistake trying to stand with Hunt at all.

Damn, this forum really does get stupider after every event it seems. Hell yes Silva is a true bjj bb, but lets look at the facts :

1, he is facing a guy almost 70lbs heavier than him, when he has been preparing for a guy near (or just under) 200lb. That is a big difference (not that it matters to Silva as he will fight anybody anytime). It changes both gameplan and cardio workout to go against somebody w/ that type of weight and strength advantage.

2, Hunt has been working w/ a bjj bb for the sole purpose of defending against the submission. As we can see, its been doing him well. So it isn't like he is now entirely clueless about subs and how to defend them, his team has been preparing him much better than anybody else thought.

3, and this is the most important. Its always the white or possibly blue belts who think that subbing a K-1 elite fighter is easy as pie. Doing sport bjj and mma are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES. In mma, your ass gets hit, and if you don't think that changes the game you are a fucktard (and Silva damn sure took some shots, even as aggressive as he is he had to start thinking twice). With a guy who punches like Hunt does, even when you defend them it still hurts like a mofo. That saps your energy and you aren't so willing to give up a good position for a sub as you know what can happen if you don't land it (for the clueless out there, that means more hard as hell power shots from one of the hardest punching guys ever in K1).

And besides, Silva is a striker first and bjj guy second, so he will always rather bang than grapple. You won't see him pulling guard at the beginning of a fight or working X guard on people, it just isn't what he does. He's a striker first, bjj bb second.

grappling and nhb are different.

i think he trained at gracie barra(hunt)

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Worst post ever.

Silve showed great ground skills. Hunt is huge andexplosive and Silva didnt take many chances, rightfully so.

Wandy got rocked and still almost got off an armbar.

I'd say he was cool under pressure.

How'd Royce do this past weekend?

Submission win via omoplata

And he didn't win with an omoplata.

Really?  That's what I read, didn't see the fight so I had to go with that info.  How did he win then?

andre is correct, I'll leave it at that. I had a furious storm brewing in my head but I'll just leave it to andre. Sometimes this forum freaking amazes me.