Silva and Seagal training footage Phone Post

Wonder how this translates in the octogon Phone Post

the embed

different angle

Slickflow - 

Feed the trolls...... Phone Post

Not sure if you know what trolling is

I'm not trying to get a rise out of people. If this is legit training footage then blackhouse might be pulling off more ninja shit like the crane kick in the future.

Obviously the Couture thing is a movie.

But if it's all movies does this mean Silva will be in a movie?

If it's just to hype Seagal why would blackhouse bother?

Also, I'm not going to be called a troll by an 11er

Reminds me a lot of Systema

Gokudamus stole my name - Reminds me a lot of Systema

Maybe but this is not about systema, at least not to me.

N for a laugh Phone Post

 Fritao bringing it


In for more footage before I make a speculation Phone Post

Really? this video is super old, there is a longer version of it where AS is laughing. SOooo fake