Silva by soccer kicks!

If Hunt loses his balance or takes the worser position from a clinch into
a takedown, Silva's freakish speed will beat Hunt. The time it takes Hunt
to reposition and try to get up or defend himself, Silva will already have
landed 3 soccer kicks and stomps to his head. If this does happen, I
wonder how long those passive Pride refs will let it go on until it is
stopped due to Mark's case of Homersimpsonidis.

I thought that there wasn't a way to knock out Hunt but if Silva can get him on all fours and then go for knees and soccer kick he might just be able to. Good call! I still don't know if Hunt can be KOed but with a good dozen knees and kicks it might be possible.

THe thing is, unlike most people, getting kicked and kneed in the head won't stop Hunt from standing back up. I'm guessing Silva will play a very tight and controlled game on the ground, giving Hunt little chance to get back to his feet.

Hunt is nearly impossible to KO - the guy is seriously a freak of nature, who will more than likely shrug off a soccer kick or head stomp like it was a good jab

Yeah, I totally respect Hunt's natural toughness. If Silva does get him in a corner or weird position with endless strikes pounding on him, I just wonder when a ref would step in.

With that in mind, Silva won't tire out like Bull Hurly did and pass out from exhaustion. He'll just keep going. He's got to be one of the best conditioned fighters the way he fights. Hunt's last two Pride fights ended up on the ground, so this one more than likely will too at some point.

My only concern with Silva is that he's been wobbled in several fights. He recovers fast, but if he walks into a straight punch from Hunt, will Hunt smother him on the ground with his size advantage or just stay on his feet for the next shot or some slow motion soccer kick attempts of his own?

If Hunt wobbles Silva, he will follow up quickly and finish him.

The ref will have to stop in. As savage as Silva's knees are, I doubt they are as hard as Bobish's. They didn't seem to bother Hunt. In fact, I was yelling at Hunt to worry a bit more, like I was his mom. I swear, having a chin like that is a curse for some guys. (Aaron Riley is a good example...)

Silva will dominate from start to finish - and win by tko..

Silva will stand with Hunt. Trade and then take him down.

Silva by submission

I played a video game today where I was Homer Simpson. I layed some kid out then did a few soccer kicks to his head. The poor kid said "Is this cuz I'm not popular?"

If Silva gets Hunt on his back he is going to stomp him to shit. I dont care who had tested his chin, if its on the clean recieving end of Vanderleis stomp he is done. Vanderleis speed and ground skill will overwhelm Hunt.

This is a possible outcome to the fight, but think the ref is going to care about the damage Hunt is taking? :)

Yeah, even Homer had to get saved by Moe and his flying fan machine
after a few hits from Drederick Tatem.

I agree, no human can withstand a stomp to the head.

Remember all those flying stomps that Sak always did? He never really
landed a clean one directly with all his weight. That could kill

Silva is a stomping machine.

Kondo/Silva is the only time I've seen anyone get more than a bloody nose from stomps. Same with soccer kicks. I don't think either would hurt Hunt more than a good knee or punch.

Sak took some nasty soccer kicks, then again he was hit with anything and everything else on the way.