Silva doesn't even speak English

'nuff said

Yes he does..

He didn't speak or speak well, so what's your point?

I spoke to Anderson after The Ultimate Fighter Season Finale.. Although his English is broken, he's not unable to speak it.

he didn't speak a word in his interviews

UFC Middleweight Champion can't speak English.

"Oh say can you seeeeeee..."

umm , maybe because he's not a redneck.............

only "rednecks" speak English? that makes a whole lotta sense

Jay's right.
It's worth noting that almost every other country on the planet has a second language program (American English) - in order to communicate with our uneducated bomb-happy asses.

yeah "uneducated" meaning that you, nor probably anyone you know, can speak anything other than english, whereas many countries, if not half of all of them, have at least two official languages, and you bet most folks can speak at least two. if you left your four stop-sign town ever or flipped through a book maybe you'd know this already