Silva doesn't take roids (proof)

Look at his face! The man obviously suffers from a petuitary gland problem.Taking steroids or growth hormones would be totally useless and unhealthy (even more so) for him.

Who's he with ? Ron Howard ?

Maybe he's making a movie with him ?

No that's Dory Funk, an old school pro wrestling guy.

But trust me on this guys, Giant Silva does not roid!

He has Marfans Syndrome

I believe that's Dory Funk jr.

Just to clear things up for you guys, this is a list of Brazilian fighters with the last name Silva who DO NOT take steroids.It's horrible that these men get accused of cheating, when in fact they do not! Again, these men with the last names of Silva DO NOT take steroids.Giant SilvaAusserio SilvaAnderson Silva

lol@Anderson...the dude will be as big as Pele soon enough (yep, the 100kg Pele)

His condition was most likely mediated by a benign pituitary tumor, possibly a hypothalmic disorder.

Maybe Im being too subtle about this.


Koma, does he really have Marfan's?

LOL elgringo, I know exactly where you're going with this - but since it's turning into such a good troll I won't spoil it just yet!!!

You're all wrong. That's George Bush senior...

elgringo-How low has your opinion of the overall IQ of the UG dropped since making this thread?

i feel sad for that guy he must have had a bad life until recently

lol @ Marzz and MattBenwa's self-percieved superior intellect

I thought most all of them did roids for vitamins in Brasil.

I don't think that Giant Silva lives in Brazil. I heard that he lives in New Jersey, in a BIG house.

Wait a second... are you trying to imply by omission that Wanderlei uses steroids? You're one witty fuckwit!

Ahh, big fucker aren't ya.