silva got rocked

He was more stunned then rocked. Rocked has you doing the Fedor dance ala Fedor vs Fujita.

"having much better offense than defense, not cause he has a weak chin."

Silva showed when he wants to he has great when he fought Cro Cop.

Silva does have a tender chin but not soft enough to get knocked out cold by most of the best punchers @light heavy.

Not only does he recover from shots to the chin well, he recovers from shots to the nuts within seconds.

He gets knocked off balance occasionally, not ROCKED.

it didnt look to me like rampage connected with that shot, more like silva slipped/fell backwards..

Silva is #1

Couture's whole career cant touch one of Silva's KO's.

"also I honestly don't think Silva was as hurt as you guys make him out to be. It's just my oppinion but as soon as Silva hit the ground he seemed to be recovered got guard and slowed the pace down briefly."

  • Not like it really matters but from the replay they showed, when Silva did get tagged and went down, his eyes still looked focused on Rampage as he was coming into Silva.

Bottom line to me was that Rampage gave him a better fight this time and a good fight at that but Silva proves himself to be the man again. Give him the credit he deserves.

ALSO: Silva's grappling has been getting more notice lately but another underated aspect of him is his stamina and will to win. How much fresher and more determinded to win did Silva look than Rampage in round 2?

"Silvas chin is NOT suspect guys. His defense maybe his chin no. All the shots that have put him down have been right on the button, but he gets back up and blasts away."

  • Agreed 100%. Besides, what does it really matter, he always pulls thru and even Crocop didnt tag him so that should tell you about his strategies for diff. opponents.

"It's like he has a weak chin but not a weak chin. He'll go down but not out."

Or, he could not have a 'weak chin' and gets hit in the right spot. That couldn't be so could it...

What an awesome fight!

lol@erik the red

I would love to see silva/randy