SIlva Grabbed Shorts

he blatantly grabbed the shorts and wasnt deducted a point.
something seems mighty fishy here.

the knee seemed legal to me.

plus knees to the ground should be legal anyway people

Can't wait to get the gif of it.  It looked like it stopped a takedown and then allowed him to land free punches.  What a shit ref.

that what warnings are for and have been used a hundreds of times before

Stop crying Phone Post

and still

plenty people grab shorts and don't get points deducted.

Chael tried to feign his tap in the first fight. lol

You wanna come over for BBQ? No hard feelings homie.

Knees to
The body on the ground should be illegal? Great idea lol Phone Post

You don't get a point taken away for grabbing the shorts you gett wanred after like 3 times where the fuck have you guys been?

 gi training for the win! lol,

He also hooked his thumbs in his waistline on the shorts when backed against the cage Phone Post