silva/jackson bring up saks stock?

silva demolished jackson and sakuraba

surely no one will say jackson is washed up or anything

now, with everyone seeing silva treating them both equally, will people stop saying that sakuraba is as washed up?

I was saying this to my friends last night too. Sakuraba lost a match via fluke KO to a very talented Nino and then lost a very competative fight with Minotoro. Apart from those, he lost to Silva 3 times and Cro Cop once. Mirko/Sak and Sak/Silva 2 were very competative till the injurys. Regardless of how those fights went, who doesn't get beat down by Cro Cop and Silva???

The #2 Heavy in the world? Not bad in my opinion.

Sakuraba is far from washed up. The problem is that even though he can probably beat any MW figter, he cant beat Silva. And right now with Silva as champ, all roads lead to him.

Sak was very fortunate to get 3 shots at silva. Rampage wont be so lucky.

Unfortunately for sak and rampage, they both have to wait for someone else to dethrone silva to get another shot at the belt. Kinda sad considering that they are both top contenders for the title.