Silva leaving Chute Boxe?

read something on a brazilian forum about leaving Chute Boxe to start his own team...supposed to be strictly financial reasons. anybody have more on this?


lol..i'm just relaying what i heard...don't crack on me if it's BS

hey kkm

hey retard..get on the bus so i can take you to sayin that

thanks for confirming dude

"He says he feels more gratitude towards Rudimar than vice versa and that the thought of leaving Chutebox would never enter his mind."

While I don't at all see him leaving, there was a time when I thought he might be getting ta bit tired of all the recognition that Rudimar was getting. Particularly when Vanderlei won the MW GP. There's a pic that I can't find where his teammates are all hoisting Rudimar up in the air while Vanderlei stands there with a "who the fuck did he just beat" expression on his face.