Silva most exciting eva

say what u want about who won the last fight .Anytime Silva fights you cant help but be on the edge of your seat.Gotta give him props for coming to fight everytime.Not stalling and always looking to end the fight.Thats why he is always will be my favorite fighter ( Serra aint included cause I train there if he was hed be my favorite because Im bias )

Silva was a little too exciting for his own good though. He gave up some great positions and instead did some really wild stomps and soccerkicks. He could´ve just played it safe but he wanted to give the fans a KO which let Hunt get back to standing...

Silva´s the man...

I can't believe Vanderlie ate those punches and recovered the way he did.. he is a fuckin animal.

And I believe he won that fight.

Even Hunt was suprised at the decision. Pride just loves creating drama-

I like Silva a lot too, but I don't think his fight against Hunt is a good example of him not stalling. Sure, he was pretty active in the first round and part of the second. But after he got rocked in the second round, he mostly got takedowns and laid on top, not doing much of anything. He even stalled in the mount several times!

I was on the edge of my seat for the first half of the fight, but the second half was a letdown.

anytime Silva got hit or hurt he came back aggresive He tried a lot of different things that fight

" He gave up some great positions and instead did some really wild stomps and soccerkicks"

Yep. It hurt him too in the end. Silva is always exciting. CroCop too. Fedor. Mino. Very few of their fights are dull AND they get the W most of the time too. People will pay to see that.

Silvas was kinda stalling at the end but his bells were rung. At least we dont have naysayers badmouth his chin anymore. He took some vicious shot in the 2nd round that would have KOed others