Silva on Chuck

From Sherdog:

Silva: For sure. He can't survive the first round! When I get this guy ... I actually don't know what is happening. There are some people saying this fight will not happen but I would like to make myself clear: I want to fight him. I want it known, I don't care if I get hurt, I will be healed by November. I want this fight. I want him. I don't want people saying: "he goes to UFC to take a free promotion." I don't know what's happening. The promoters are taking care of it. I want to shut him up by hitting his mouth. When I spoke in the microphone he was looking at me with a butt face and gave me a little smile because he knows who I am. He had his ass kicked by Quinton Jackson in PRIDE, and if he thinks he will be waiting just to hit me back he will pay for it. I am a Muay Thai fighter. I'm a heavy hitter. If I hit the chin, the guy is down.

lmao @ giving silva the 'butt face'

when will this fight happen?

My thread works! I rule!

Silva will murder chuck watch


Silva beat the shit out of rampage.Why not chuck

Can we not do mma math for once, guys? It never works. Silva beat
Rampage who beat Chuck. But Chuck beat Tito and Vitor who both beat

I just want to see it,no matter who the fuck wins!

Chuck is fighting with such confidence now, I don't like any LHW's chances vs him.
he'll lose sooner or later, but having watched his fights over the last year or so, it's hard to imagine.

will be a great fight and either man can win this IMO.

"Granted, Renato doesn't punch nearly as hard as Wand, however he did use the exact same style that Wand built his career on."

Babalu was knocked out going for a takedown, not while he was "flailing wildly."

"Shogun would have a MUCH better shot, and would almost be a lock to beat Chuck, imo."

I agree that Chuck/Shogun would be a better fight if I had to choose between the two.

although I do think that silva can beat chuck, Wandy doesnt need to use MMA math... doesnt apply here..

SevereHedTrauma, said it. Chucks precision and power in countering + Wanderleis crazy agressive style = good style-matchup for Chuck.

I so wish this fight was going to happen.

"Vitor and Tito beat Silva 10 years ago.

Silva murdered Rampage and Rampage murdered Chuck in the SAME NIGHT.

nuff said"

Exactly, that is why you can make a VALID COMPARISON! Most people in this board would make a terrible analyst.

Silva takes this one against Chuck. I hope the UFC is not too cheap like always to pay Silva's salary.

It is a valid frame of reference. Both were in their prime, had many MMA fights before that.

Plus Rampage was easily a top 5 LHW back then, when he fought Silva and Chuck his record was like 21-2! So a win or loss over Rampage is no fluke.

Otherwise you can compare their fighting records and who they fought: Silva's record is like 31-5-1, Chuck's 18-3. They almost have the same winning percentage, 84% for Silva vs 83% for Chuck. While Silva is no BJ Penn, Silva has fought HW's.

"I want to shut him up by hitting his mouth."


I love Wandy

Chuck has made a believer out of me lately. He just has a way of accurately getting his hands on guys. Seems like Silva leaves himself open. On the other hand, I can't picture Silva getting KTFO. I would be more pumped for that fight than any other fight...ever. Even more than for the Mirko/Fedor fight.

wanderlei looked like a midget next to chuck... hed get crushed and the ug would be scrambling for excuses