Silva on Chuck

Some of you are very much underestimating Silva. I will give it to him, Chuck could easily knock Silva out if he connects right, however, to say its a shew in to happen makes no sense. babalu is nothing like Silva really. Also, Silva fought Cro Cop, Hunt, and Fujita(different type of fighter but hits hard) and did well. There is a method to Silva's madness. If you watch the Fujita fight, Fujita was unable to land often with full intensity when they were brawling because Silva was keeping him off balance with strikes and doing better job controlling positions. Watch Silva vs Cro Cop, Silva does throw barrages of punches, but he is not so easy to counter without eating a KO punch first yourself. Cro Cop had trouble getting off, and while fear of takedown was part of it, basically he got beat to the punch and ate flurry's. Silva is not easy to KO, Fujita hit him a few times and Silva just threw harder. Silva seems to have gained more power lately too, especially when he is emotional about a fight.

Great fight imo......Go chuck but wand is badass, regardless who wins, we all do thats fo sho, amen....

Chuck takes this with ease..

After the destruction of Sobral , how can anyone even think Chuck has no chance ? Chuck via vicous K.O. ,early rd. 1.

'Silva murdered Rampage and Rampage murdered Chuck in the SAME NIGHT.'

no arguing this. tito's 'victory' over Silva is debateable, Chucks over Vitor also a close decision and debateable. Jackson's defeat of Chuck was total. Even Dana stated he was 'horrified'.

and vitors win over silva... complete destruction

Fight will never happen.

TUCK by DSE head office, IMO.

Everybody wants this fight but them.

Chuck played that perfectly... by saying that (and in that manner after the fight), there is NO way Wandy wouldn't comment. Too much of a hothead.

Still... never happen.

I have a question.

What's Chuck's Knee defense look like? If Wanderlei gets the Thai clench, will he be able to break it/take the knees?

I have to admit though, if Wandy does go in flailing then chances are he'll get KTFO. However, do you think that Wandy is dumb enough and forgetting his versitility? I believe he'll adapt to the challenge and learn from everyone else's mistakes...

Just my opinion tho... I just want it to happen.

I see Silva pulling a Rampage on Chuck.

I wasn't aware that Chuck hits harder than both Crocop and Hunt.

"I wasn't aware that Chuck hits harder than both Crocop and Hunt."

doesnt work like that

Fuck yeah! Go Wandy

everyone keeps talking about how wanderlei "swings wildly" and "isnt a technical striker" but neither is chuck, he throws wide looping punches as well. Neither one of these fighters use convention styles, they just use what works for them, so although it looks like wandy is swinging wild hes in full controll of what hes doing and is aware of whats hes doing at all times, he uses his aggresivness as a weapon and overwhelmes his oppenent. How can chuck, or anyone for that matter throw a counter punch hard enough to knock silva out when hes in your face throwing punches and clinching, not gonna happen.

Wanderlei by 2nd Round TKO - referee stoppage

"I wasn't aware that Chuck hits harder than both Crocop and Hunt. "

In 7 mma bouts, Hunt has 1 true KO. Bobish was just gassed as hell, and TK was just a human punching bag, but Hunt didn't lay him out flat.

Whereeas out of 22 mma bouts, Chuck has 12 T(KO)s.

Hunt may be the more accomplished striker, but I don't see how you can outright dismiss Chuck's punching power compared to him.

chuck hits harder than hunt.

btw: Silva isn't as strong nor does he have the takedown skills of Rampage.

Why do so many of you put so much emphasizes into Rampages fight with Chuck as an indication of the outcome between Chuck and silva.

different fighting styles altogether.

Hell, Randleman KO'd Cro cop within a minute of their fight so he should definitely be able to take out Rampage, Fedor, Silva, etc.

I think Chuck would win but I don't see the fight happening.

"What do you consider a legit striker? Wand is just powerful and wild, but not very technical at all. Does this count as being legit?"

Then say "when was the last time Chuck fought a dangerous standup fighter?"

lol@chuck hitting harder than hunt

^^^^100% correct

no need for a logical debate, vanderlei is inuman.

"LMFAO @ Silva wins. You must not have seen how Cro Cop dismantled him. Biggest mismatch I have ever seen. It looked worse than Tank vs Nelmark. Just a straight up ass kicking. Silva had NO business in there with Cro Cop and he has no business fighting Chuck. That is why he will never fight Chuck. Chuck by 1st round knock out. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Chuck would send Silva into retirement."

OMG...I can't believe u bit on that SARCASM. LOL...dat was so obvious.