Silva surrounded by women!

Submitted by Yuki

PRIDE Middle Weight Champion Vanderlei Silva was at the event "Valentine is Vanderlei?" for only women of PRIDE official club. Silva was given Valentine chocolates by about 10 women chosen from about 100 women.

Even if Silva end up the fight with Minowa very brutally, he was surrounded with beautiful women and satisfied. He made a service, folding their shoulder, kissing their instep and saying "Arigato (=Thank you)" when he was given chocolates...

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Silva must own Japan right now...

Silva is one lucky guy!

Kissing their instep!?

WTF Pics?

what would his wife say?...I doubt truth to this rumor

Have you seen his body? Of course he's surrounded by women!!!!

Silva is the man...

I'm Rick James Biatch...Show me yo titties!