Silva, too much pride in his fists

no pun intended, the guy is my all time favorite fighter but he needs to throw more combos with his knees and kicks, after his punches.

I used to love seeing him throw everything. He's been working too much with the wrong boxing coach IMO, he has such nice kicks and knees.

the 2nd fight with Henderson he was landing every leg kick till he threw caution to the wind.

even with Liddel he was landing his kicks right but not following up.

It's like he wants to prove to everyone he's a hard puncher(like we don't know) but his knees are still his best asset.

I miss the CB days when Pele, Anderson, Wand, Ruas and Assuerio were the shiz

with that said Liddel fought a smart ass fight using his all around tuffness and wrestling to get the win

liddell deserves an unblemished win

that said silva's gameplan over the past 5 fights or so has gone from a relentless assault to a series of small exchanges. i'm sure he's training with guys telling him it's a "smarter" way to fight but it's been the main reason of his decline.

Silva is my all time #1 favorite fighter and a huge reason why I love and follow this fight.

But if he didn't watch the Liddell Jardine fight and see the damage Jardine with leg kicks he didn't deserve to win. He should have kept Chuck at a distance with leg kicks the 1st 2 rounds 2 slow him down and overcome the reach advantage. Not impressed by his gameplan @ all.

To knee - you have to clinch

Wand tried and could not clinch Chuck, he could barely get inside Chuck's punching range for shits sake.

Maybe Chuck was just better instead of Wand didnt do this or that because he just couldnt?