Silva vs. Arona

This fight needs to happen. Should've happened in the semi finals of the GP. They need to quit throwing fighters at Silva they know he can beat. They have Arona, Busta, and Rampage all wanting to fight Silva and they give Kondo the fight. The first Rampage fight I believe was a good fight but I would like to see Rampage vs Silva when they are both fresh. Busta Silva would be classic and Arona Silva would be incredible as well. I just don't understand Pride sometimes.


Arona by lay and gay.

Silva by QJ treatment.

Busta doesn't exactly deserve the fight. He's 0-2 in Pride after all.

Jackson earned a title shot with his win over Kevin (the tournament fight wasn't for the title) so they still have that fight to make.

Arona is likely next, as he is still unbeaten in Pride.

Hendo has been on a tear since their first fight and his KO victory over Busta might earn him a rematch.

Kondo has done well of late and is probably 4rd in line...but will get the first shot because they want a Japanese fighter to eventually dethrone Silva (obviously).

Even if Arona lays on him for the decision Silva will still be the man. Pride knows this and doesn't want to see it happen.

Dracul, been talking about this for a while myself though for an fan favourite and excitement factor, Silva/Kondo is much more appealing.

Anyhow, do you think Arona should be next in line or do you think Rampage and Arona should fight it out for the title shot?

Everyone's saying the Arona and lnp but he could be called for a standup if not active...