Silva vs. Griffin WHO WINS?

I'm having a pretty hard time breaking this fight down. A part of me wants to say Anderson can beat him with stand up. Another part of me wants to say Griffin humbles him like he did Shogun...

so who wins & how?

Griffin by decision!

 Anderson better get aggressive or he'll lose a decision; no one outworks Forrest in the ring.

orcus - you're right. Do you think Forrests aggression could end up biting him in the ass? Being that Silva is a counter striker.

I don't doubt Forrests striking. I also don't doubt Silvas.

The fans?

 Forrest is at his best when he is the underdog...I can see him giving Anderson Silva some problems.  Go Forrest!!!

LOL Anderson is going to smoke him because Forrest is too aggressive and Anderson loves guys like that because they get smashed

aggressive striker + anderson silva = fantastic knockout!

studiocamp - The fans?



with ease