Silva vs. Hunt - Pride Prediction

Wanderlei Silva vs. Mark Hunt

Silva's chin is like some much sought-after treasure that is protected by six terrible monsters (two feet, two fists and two knees). Men try to get to it, but end up in the hospital pissing brain fluid. So far, only Belfort has managed to KO Silva, but Sakuraba, Oyama, Jackson and Metzger all came close. Too bad 'close' only counts in horse-shoes. Also, in horse-shoes, the loser doesn't have extensive surgery to put his skull back together humpty-dumpty style ... what's my point? Their problem wasn't the strategy. They just needed a bit more power.

Hunt has the power to KO Silva, and a chin from the bowels of hell. His fight in K-1 with Ray Sefo was like one of those inuit skull-punching contests. I was sickened and amazed. Hunt's problem, of course, is the fact that he has the relative cardiovascular ability of a Hippopotimus and probably gets winded putting his pants on. One leg. Rest. Other leg.

So this fight is bad chin vs. bad wind. Who wins? Hunt. Silva is crazy enough to go toe-to-toe with him. I hope his doctors put his tattoo'd scalp back on straight after they glue his skull back together.


LOL @ pissing brain fluid.

I like the way you wrote that post, wombat...

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reminded me to ttt his other predictions

btw, silva wins