Silva vs. Nogueira

according to adcc, fight to possibly happen in december. discuss

Nogueira wins he beat a MW, no win situation for him.

There are to many great fights at 205 for Silva.

I'd love to see the fight, but I don't think Silva would do it. Nog is too big for him. Look what Nog did to Henderson. Nog by any sub he wants. I haven't seen a triangle in a little while. That's my prediction.

standup war that could go either way

Don't underestimate the axe murderer

bppotter is correct.

you guys give Silva no chance?? Silva could indeed take out anyone on any given night, and I'm not just saying that, that's for real. Silva has to just get his chances standing up and stall/defend when he's in Mino's guard. Silva's only dangerous situation is if he ends up on bottom.

hahah @ Rampage beating most of the heavies.My dear boy did you see what Silva did to him.Rampage is good but not that good.Nog is the man next to fedor why do people act like hes better than the robot.Last time i checked it was nogs face getting mashed into pudding by fedor.Nog will def beat Silva though.

Silva is currently strolling around at 220 tho

The possibility of this fight makes me excited.