Silva will get Hunt...

to the ground immediately. Silva loves to stand and trade and against most opponents he has no problem doing so. But he is far from a stupid fighter, and he is smart enough to know when he is outclassed. Silva will immediately go for a double or tie Hunt up in the clinch and use a sweep/trip to bring the big man down. From there it will be a little GnP with Silva looking for any available sub/choke.

Hunt had zero time to train for this fight and his ground skills are novice level right now. I'm not sure this will be as tough a fight for Silva as everyone is carrying on about. Unless of course Silva somehow believes the hype he can stand and bang with anyone. If the guy ego trips it's lights out. Silva is just too smart to let his ego get the better of him. I see him playing it very, very safe this fight.

Interesting fight, no matter how it ends, and far better than seeing poor Sak receive another unnecessary beating. Seeing Silva get KTFO would be wild.

Silva will be able to outstrike Hunt long enough to get the takedown. His hand speed & leg kicks will set it up nicely.