Silva would beat any UFC Heavy

Nobody mentions this because there is no real need to. But hey, we all know he would.


Heck, I'd believe that Kohsaka could beat Silva in the UFC.

Arlovski would shatter Silva's suspect chin into many tiny pieces.

You smoke too much weed.

Minotaur would beat him.

Amazingly enough Minotauro is not a UFC heavyweight.

LOL at the reading comprehension on this thread.

Mir would kill Silva.From what hear right out of Brazil Silva has the ground game of a blue belt.

How many of you think that when Silva fought Belfort in the UFC and lost he would have beat him in Pride?

The reason I ask is, Silva has been knocked out before but allowed to continue in Pride whereas in the UFC the fight is stopped almost immediately (depending on the ref).

I think his fight with Vitor was stopped too early, but Vitor made him look foolish

Punisher: Vitor would have beaten Silva into retardness against that cage if the ref didnot stop him.

"Heck, I'd believe that Kohsaka could beat Silva in the UFC."

lol @ that!! And I really like Kohsaka.

Silva has fully admitted in a Full Contact Fighter interview that although he looks foward to a rematch w/ Belfort, that it was a good and proper stoppage when they fought in UFC Brazil. He knows he was owned and so should you.

This thread is funny.

the violent streak silva has been on, i believe he can do anything..

LOL. It doesn't matter what Silva says about his match with Belfort- Belfort owned him and loaned him.

It is interesting to see that Silva has more of a grasp on reality about that fight than his followers here do, though.

silva could likely kill frank mir. but mir also outweighs him by a lot. i think it would be a good fight. and a silva v. belfort rematch would go nothing like the first.

"Remember when the other dominant LHW (Couture) was a UFC HW? Size matters. A lot."

Couture weighed 228 for most of his fights. In other words, a pound or two more than what Nogueira, Kharitonov and Crocop weighed at the last Pride and only 7 pounds less than Fedor, the best fighter on the planet. If/when one of those guys loses to a Schilt, a Herring, a Fujita, an Ogawa, an Alexander Emilianenko, etc (all around 250+, more than what Ricco or Josh weighed in the UFC), no one will say they are too small, they will say they got out-fought.

Do you really think any of the Pride GP finalists would be underdogs to Arlovski, Mir or Sylvia due to size difference?

Silva's walk around weight is 220 these days. Eilers weighed in at 232, and he's not half the fighter Silva is.

"Arlovski would destroy Silva."

When Arlovski goes five rounds standing with Crocop I might agree. It's going to take more than impressive punching against a nearly motionless Cabbage or the hardly-known-for-his-standup Matyushenko before I jump on the Andre wagon.