Silva would beat Frank and Baroni

in the same night. Buncha amateurs!

Have a little more respect, dude.

Frank fought w/ a torn ACL and MCL.

Could u do that?

Silva fought Lutter with a messed up knee... he'd walk through Frank!

I could fight with a torn ACL and MCL, but even without that, I'd get my ass kicked. I'm not a pro-fighter, and your comment contributes nothing to the topic of Anderson Silva destroying Frank and Baroni.

So is the torn mcl and acl confirmed? sht I had a partial tear of my meniscus and could barely walk. I couldn't imagine a torn mcl and acl!

frank with a couple of more fights would take silva imo.

he's still getting his came back right now.


lmao@ Frank detroying Silva! Certainly not by standing with him.

I'd rather fight Anderson Silva (or Frank Shamrock) with a torn ACL than healthy.. that way I can claim the injury as an excuse after I lost.

bwahahahaha.........Frank is a mid-level fighter who would most likely lose to any of the current top 185 lb fighters.

Renzo was working him over, and Renzo(although tough)is far past his prime.

In prearation for the fight with Baroni he trained with Henderson at team quest........word is Frank got schooled badly, and not just by Dan but by many of the fighters there.

Frank is tough and he has decent stand-up, but he is far from a top fighter.

I think Frank will continue to improve but I just don't think he can beat Silva. Silva is better than Frank on the ground and would decimate Frank in the standup. Franklin is a better matchup for Frank imo.

As a Frank nut rider since Time Immemorial, I have to say that a match up with A. Silva scares the shit out of me. he'd have to be REAL careful on the feet, and Anderson is freakishly lanky. His stats reach and height wise are very deceiving, he might as well be 6'4 and built like Hoost compared to most of his opponents. Frank, meanwhile is like 5'8 or 5'9, and while having perfect proportions like a god damned GI Joe figure has its advantages, none of them would be in play against Silva (unless Silva goes both ways, and really likes buff little white guys with crooked teeth).

You gotta think that Chonan survived on the feet, even got some in, and then on won by sub, but then you watch Silva's striking since then. He's definitely improved, probably even found his own style within the last year or two. Before, Silva seemed like he treated his striking as kind of a novelty, like it looked awesome but wasn't going to win him many fights. Now he's had moments where it basically looked like a young, kinda wild (maybe like in 90-92) Ernesto Hoost got a black belt in BJJ and learned how to sprawl.

Frank didn't look as small next to Baroni as I thought he would, but it still seems like most MWs are a lot bigger than he is. given that Baroni usually throws people around and could not even come close to doing that to Frank, I'm probably just paranoid. Still, got no idea what a Silva/shamrock fight would look like.

(jeez, can you guys tell I'm putting off a bunch of shit I have to do today or what?)

Frank in his prime would polish off Silva virtually immediately. He could put him down ten times and let him up ten times just for laughs. A prelim squash.

Frank has a shot against any middleweight today! Provided he's healthy and MOTIVATED! People keep thinking Frank's afraid to fight the best but whats wrong with him holding out for a bigger pay day? The sports finally gotten to the point where fighters are getting paid somewhat decent money. Back when Frank was the UFC he was taking pay cuts and making shit! Nothing wrong with him holding out for a better pay day then to put it all on the line for chump change. Regarding that fight with Renzo I think Frank took the fight lightly. I in no way felt that Frank was ever threatened by Renzo but I do believe he came into the fight with the wrong mind set. Renzo is no joke and Frank took him too lightly. A motivated Frank is a tough fight for anyone. Just my 2 cents.