Silvertone guitars?

Are they worth a damn? I was in a music store today, they're going out of business so everything is 30% off or something like that. Anyhow, so I wanted to play on this Washburn "Bad Boy" "Bad Ass" or something amp, and the only guitar they had out with all 6 strings was a nice little Silvertone. Quilted top (could've just been that photo transfer like Samick uses though), two humbuckers, volume for each with master tone. Anyhow, pretty nice little guitar, but it was so out of tune I couldn't really get a good read on it, but it sounded pretty good. Only wanted $140 for it, I was thinking about picking the set up for an early Christmas gift for myself. Any Silvertone experts? Thanks.

I guess that depends on what 'damn' is going for these days.They are pretty cheaply built guitars, Silvertone was 'Sears' guitar, thats how you got them in the old days - ordered through the sears catalogue.Depending on the make and model some were better than others, the earlier ones that wee built in the states had a good personality, especially the semi-hollow bodies. They got pretty cheesy once the 70's hit and they started making them in Japan. They did come out with some pretty wacky looking instruments though.It depends on what you want it for, they do have a special charm like the old Danelectro guitars.I just gave away my old one last summer, it was a ridiculous looking thing that just wouldn't stay in tune. I think there is a market among collectors for some of the earlier or more outrageous models.I may be wrong...This is what mine looked like:It was really tawngy and sounded pretty bad, lol.Oh yeah, I think they did a Paul Stanley signature model for a while too.

I think they invented the guitar case amp too:

Actually I was just looking around and the new ones don't look too bad. I guess the only way to know is to play one.

I've played some that have sounded good. Did you try tuning it?


It could be I'm jaded because mine was a hunk of crap.

The new Silvertones have virtually nothing in common with the older guitars. They are just another designed wherever/made in giant Korean guitar factory thing. Hell, if I had the capital I could have a guitar manufactured to my specs under the Rex Guitarworks label. New Silvertones may or may not be decent guitars, but they are badge engineering at best.

I have had ALOT of the old ones, but have not seen the new ones. One of the coolest guitars I ever had was a black archtop cut-away with 2 pickups that looked like a `57 chevy. Had that louisville slugger neck and sounded great through my `57 Vibrolux. Great poor mans jazz box.

The old blues guys werent playing gibsons and martins for the most part, it was silvertone, Kays and Stellas.

I never thought of that.

I was in a club last night and they were playing some old blues records. This tune came on and the guitarist had the tinniest, wimpiest guitar sound ever but still pulled it off. I was thinking to myself, 'Damn, it takes balls to play the blues with a tone like that.'

Silvertone did some archtop acoustics in the fifties. Don't know who the actual manufacturer was off the top of my head. Kay or Danelectro I imagine.

Doh! Wrong guitar!This is a pretty cool guitar too: The Harmony Stratotone!Rare and valuable! If you find one, check it out.

I tried tuning it, but it was so messed up I couldn't get it back without sitting there all day, and I didn't have the time/patience for that. Sounded alright though, may check it out again later when I have time to mess with it more.