Silvia looked rocked here! Rematch

Nice comeback Andre was laughing after he must of thought they stopped it to soon

AA quit and was waiting for the ref to stop the fight...

In the rematch, Sylvia should think about putting his left hand up to protect his chin. Now that I watched it again, Arlovski was just waiting to land that overhand right. After he finally landed it he got too over-anxious, threw it from way out, and got hit with a nice couter uppercut.

He got over confident and sloppy after it looked like this fight was going to end exactly like the first one. AA thought the fight was over a little too soon and Tim made him pay for it.

The third fight will look just like the first and most of the 2nd fight.

i would rather watch AA fight any day of the week.

Big Tim trains hard, and has gotten better, but he is not very athletic.

Tim is the man and the 2 time champ.

That was an amazing fight on his part.

three times a charm