Nice. TTT

Isn't he doing a seminar somewhere else too?

How many spots are open?

 why is he having a seminar the same day as the Pac Sub Tourny?

I think their was a miscommunication for the one on the 30th. According to Sim, he leaves Monday morning with the rest of the Mainland team. So Im not sure if they rescheduled?? Where is that one at?? Couple people called and said Hawaii Kai JJ and another said HK on University. Anyways, first come first serve on the 28th. Might get a little crowded so come early. By the way, who is Hawaii Kai JJ??

Judo monk aka Ron huxon bjj brown belt under relson

why is he having a seminar the same day as the Pac Sub Tourny?

He competes on Sunday. So the best time is Saturday evening. He comes in Friday. Will be at the expo Saturday day, then seminar .

Judo monk aka Ron huxon bjj brown belt under relson

So was the seminar at his place or HK???

Last update is that Sim Go will be holding a seminar at:
Team HK on University blvd... Next Monday Night.

that what I heard

sorry guys sim texted me this morning & his sponsor or whoever got his ticket changed his flight from tuesday to monday morning so no seminar @ TEAM HK =( so you guys should take advantage of this one.

thanks for clearing it up for us


Guys just come and pay at the door. If no fit, just put spit. HaHa!! Nah, I think we should be ok with the space. I got lots of calls concerning reservations, but first come, first serve. NO worries!!!!


so, how was it?

Sim is cool. I trained with him in Vegas. He has good tech and real mellow dude. TTT for Sim. Wish I could of made it to his seminar:(

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the seminar. Sim showed some really good techniques. The best thing he did was ask everyone what problems they had with their game and showed them the best technique that would work better for them. He had lots of settups to one submission which gave a lot of options for grappling as well as in an mma match. Thanks again guys. Look out for more seminars in the future. Working on one for the BJJ guys. Gonna be strictly gi and I hope if schedule permits I can make the announcement soon. Alohaz!!!!!!!

Anybody run video?

Like buy?