Simas team sweeps Valdosta NHB

Mikey Gomez quickly pulled a triangle/armbar combination to finish his opponent in a dominating fashion, Luigi took on a heavier opponent and methodicaly destroyed him by countering his shot and finishing him with a rear naked choke, then Mike Lee dismantled Shaun Gay in a vicious fashion that was stopped by the ref due to strikes from the mounted triangle.
Big props to these guys because they really worked their asses off coming in to these fights, and it showed. Mikey and Luigi stepped up in their debuts and Mike Lee made a triumphant return. A great night.

also ttt for talone who came ready to fight but unfortunately was unable due to his opponent dropping out.

Charles, that was one helluva beat down you administered to your unlucky opponent. First you knocked him out, then you choked him out. Amazing, that guy had no idea what he was getting into...

Awesome, Anthony.

Congrats to all the fighters from Marcio Simas

Hey Gordon, my training is going really well and I am injury free-which is great. Please tell all the guys I said hello and I hope things are going good for you also.

Thanks azncowboy, much appreciated.

Makes me wish I still lived in FL...:)I trained at Simas place for about 3 months before I moved, and have nothing but good things to say about it.


Great job to everybody from my team and I am very happy with all the results. You guys know how much we put into this.
That was a diferent way to end a fight CHARLES, good job.

Anthony I was supposed to hook u up!!!!!! Drop me a line!

Thanks mikey I saw the video of your fight and you looked smooth!

also thanks anthony... I tried to hook you up at hooters... you can lead a horse to water but you can make him drink.

You guys did a great job!!! Was a pleasure meeting you guys!!