Simms Appeal DENIED & i don't care

That bite was about the size of a fuckin termite in comparison to the slug that Kyle dropped on Simms' face to end the fight. If a grown man was holding me in his guard trying to give ME the titface, I'd fuckin bite him to. No rematch, no reverse, no recall... Kyle won that fight, the bite was irrelevant, and this is a good call overall.

However, now that Kyle's sporting a winning record in the UFC... some feel he should have his resolve tested again, since his first win was so fucking controversial to some people. I personally don't care either way. He's a big, physically attributed heavyweight... cut and dry, just what the UFC needs to fill out a division no one gives a flying rat's ass about anyway. Might as well fill space with something that looks pretty, right? I say give Kyle to Ricco, let Ricco get some G&P practice in, and let's see if he can actually do something with his run in the UFC this time, rather than stall-out decision victories and gut smothers.

Ricco better be comin in a bit more trim too, that fuckin girdle he wears to try and hide his love handles is just embarrassing. Did he have someone specially make that for him? Guess what, Reeko... we can still see your gut.

I hear Baroni is cleared to bite whoever he wants.


Wasn't the appeal regarding the botched restart by BJM and not the bite?

I'm not sure.

maybe he would have been choked out if he didn't become a pussy and bite, did you ever think of that?

yeah Kyle real impressive. Has a contrversial win over Wes Simms. Ooooh give him a title shot lol

"Mike "The Cannibal" Kyle should be banned from MMA. PERIOD.
He's has limited skill to say the least.

I would pay more money to keep Kyle out of the UFC then I would to pay to actualy see the UFC.."

Dude........ what the FUCK..... Seriously, Wes "headstomped" Simms can blatantly step on Mir's face OVER AND OVER, and he's asked to return.

Mike Kyle puts a little lovebite on Simm's titty, and suddenly, it's committees and expulsions and cries for beheading!!!!! The intellect of this place overwhelms me.

And I don't care what ANYONE says... Simms was NOT going to get a tap with that face smother. Not if he'd held him there for an hour, squeezing as hard as he could.

i don't mind Mike Kyle...the UFC needs more heavy hitting HW's anyway so why not him....if he gets his ass beat next time then maybe not....

Yes biting is illegal in the UFC .

It's Sims, and NO rematch, PLEASE!

I betcha Ricco could tap out Ghost with just his gut.

Ghost I am sorry bu you are wrong on so many levels!Kyle blantantly bit another fighter!The first time anyone has been bit in the history of the UFC, yes Sims did stomp Mir, but look at the situation the fight was stopped and declared a DQ to Mir.What happened with Wes?NOTHING!That's some shit, I have heard this posted before, but it's true, if it would have been a higher ranked fighter it would have been different!I also can't wait to see Ricco back he is better than you are Ghost and he can make Kyler tap since Wes almost did until he was bit!

WTF You Simms nut huggers cant see potential if it slap you in the face with its dick.

*puts on face guard*


Ghost, you're thread title has caused a song to keep running thru my head..... Jimmy crack corn & I don't care....... Jimmy crack corn & I don't care..........

Do I have to say anything else?"

Yes, biting is illegal. Holding onto the fence is also illegal. Tito was guilty of this in the Randy fight. What do u want to happen? Both Tito and Kyle banned from the UFC for rule violations?

It boils down to imcompetent refs. WHy didn't the refs catch it and make the correct call?

LOL at people saying Sims got screwed. He's so full of shit he believes his own stupid lies. He was gassed and got KTFO. IF he was bit hard enough to let go of a submission he would let the ref know right then and not expect a stand up 3 minutes later from that. Walking to your corner when the round isn't over, then someone coming to beat your ass and finish the first round strong is your own damn fault. Try and blame John McCarthy, shut the fuck up maybe if you had some gas after 4 minutes then you would relize the difference between a stand up and stoppage to check a bite mark.

That mark on Simms' chest, which he wasn't even aware of until Coleman pointed it out, was 1/10th the size of an ant bite. This fight and that "bite" are both meaningless. Kyle should be evaluated on his career as a whole. The UFC HW division is somewhat meager and the addition of Kyle is a plus. I'm not a fan or a hater, I'd just like to see some good bouts. Kyle versus Freeman for example would be interesting.

Ricco can show up out of shape and still tap Kyle.

"No intentional fouls should be overlooked. I think even Kyle knows this, because at first he was trying to say it wasn't intentional. Nobody honestly believed that. How could you?

I am ashamed to be a UFC fan. Mistakes can often be corrected, but I guess they chose not to do it."

It was ruled "unintentional" by the NSAC after reviewing it. At no point in the fight does Sims act like Kyle bit his way out of a submission until after he is knocked out.